About Brian Godfrey

Brian Godfrey has spent over 16 years practicing in the health and fitness industry as a licensed massage therapist, holistic health coach, corrective exercise specialist and self-massage rolling expert.

Brian’s passion is to inspire and empower people in improving their overall health through therapy sessions and educating them on ways to change their health habits.        

He specializes in holistic health, stress and tension reduction, posture, pain management, and movement and body awareness. Brian has learned many modalities of massage and bodywork; swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, shiatsu, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, myofascial release, chair massage, self-massage and aroma therapy.

Brian has found a passion within a special niche modality of foam rolling and body rolling. He enjoys teaching people how to properly perform self-massage utilizing foam rollers and balls and other effective products.

Brian has worked with variety of clients from all over the world including professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes, general fitness enthusiasts, seniors, teens, corporations and thousands of people who have sought pain relief. Over his career he has helped thousands of clients improve their overall health.

He worked at the Salt Lake City, Utah Olympics and Athens, Greece Olympics, the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California as well as with the Jr. Olympic Synchronize Swim Team for the World Championships in Guangzhou, China. He has also worked with chiropractors and at numerous gyms, spas, resorts, hotels, corporate offices, and client homes and the Salt Lake City Airport.

Brian believes a great therapist has a solid education, plenty of experience, and most importantly a dedicated and positive attitude so that they will be able to give their client’s 100% of their performance in each and every session.

 Education, Licenses, certifications and Organizations

  • Doterra Wellness Advocate
  • American Massage Therapy Association Member
  • Advanced Bodywork Program (940 hours), The Myotherapy College of Utah
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Utah Department of Commerce
  • Massage Therapy Program (600 hours), The Bodyworks Institute
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Washington, DC , Department of Health
  • Basic and Advanced Sports Massage (50 hours), Potomac Massage Training Institute
  • Hot Lava Stone Therapy (33 hours), Barbara C. Brownell
  • Nutritionand Lifestyle Coach Level 2, CHEK Institute
  • Advantage Training/Corrective Exercise, The Sports Club/LA
  • Posture Alignment Specialist, The Egoscue Method University
  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy Sports Medicine
  • Certified Conditioning Specialist, National Strength Professionals Association
  • Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Advantage Golf
  • Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

 While growing up in northern Virginia Brian has played numerous sports from gymnastics, soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, tennis, and swimming which all has impacted his professional career in the health and fitness field. He moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004 for an advanced education degree in massage and bodywork.

Brian’s hobbies include hiking, boxing, working out and cooking and spending time with his family.  His reading list includes topics in holistic health and wellness, self-development, quantum physics, engineering, product development, entrepreneurship and spirituality and meditation.

Brian’s current projects are writing a self-massage body rolling book and developing a patented and unique top of the line vibration body roller. He holds 5 US patent applications. Brian lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and daughter.